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(ATR) Rob Prazmark, an original co-developer of the TOP Program, weighs in on Toyota's Olympic sponsorship deal.

(ATR)Rob Prazmark, an original co-developer of the TOP Program for the IOC, challenges other corporations to think big like Toyota.

The car maker has signed a worldwide Olympic sponsorship deal--reportedly worth $850 million.

"This was an extremely wise decision by Toyota who's clearly a global brand in looking at this through a long-term lens,"Prazmark tellsAround the Rings.

Toyota becomes the IOC's 12th TOP sponsor, in the mobility category.This category includes vehicles, mobility services and mobility solutions.

It's the third Japanese company to become a worldwide Olympic sponsor, after Panasonic and Bridgestone.

The deal runs through 2024, covering the three Olympics in Asia after Rio 2016--PyeongChang 2018, Tokyo 2020 and the 2022 Games in Almaty, Kazakhstan or Beijing.

Prazmark added that this deal "absolutely" signals a future one-billion-dollar deal from companies like Toyota.

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