WOA statement on the IOC Executive Board decision on Russia

For Immediate Release

Monaco; 06 December 2017

World Olympians Association welcomes the decision made by the IOC Executive Board and the due process followed to ensure the individual rights of clean athletes are protected.

The IOC decision sends a clear message that there is no room for drugs cheats in sport, while acknowledging the importance of maintaining a route for the participation of clean athletes.

World Olympians Association takes the fight against doping extremely seriously and is determined to see cheats driven out to ensure a level playing field for all Olympians. But we reiterate our stance that, where possible, individual justice should be applied to ensure clean athletes are not unfairly punished.

We acknowledge the challenges faced by all involved in coming to this decision and appreciate some athletes will be disappointed not to be able to compete under the flag of their NOC. But we are pleased a mechanism has been put in place, in line with the recommendation previously put forward as part of World Olympians Association’s three-point plan, to allow clean athletes to compete and earn their place as Olympians.


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