Golden 25 -- #6 The Christophes

(ATR) IOC execs Christophe Dubi and Christophe de Kepper take major role implementing Olympic Agenda 2020.

(ATR) Both the Cristophes— Dubi, the IOC Olympic Games Executive Director andde Kepper who is IOC Director General —will be in charge of implementing major parts of Agenda 2020 reforms.

Since becoming the new Olympic Games executive director, Christophe Dubi will work with the most visible parts of Agenda 2020–the Olympics themselves.

Dubi is responsible for ensuring the successful implementation of Olympic projects and is routinely on the road for on-site meetings with Olympic organizers.

As Tokyo overhauls its venue plan, Dubi and IOC Sport Director Kit McConnell will work hand-in-hand with the organizers to come up with an acceptable plan.

Dubi will also make sure Rio 2016 and PyeongChang both stay in track as both cities head into their final stretch ahead of the Games. Both cities have major issues that must be sorted out and Dubi will be watching closely.

Christophe de Kepper is overseeing all administrative changes to the IOC. That will include among other things, the creation of an Olympic television network.

De Kepper is also a key gatekeeper for IOC President Thomas Bach, serving as the highest-ranking staff member in the IOC organizational chart. The Belgian has worked at the IOC since 2003.

2014 ranking: 16

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Reported by Ed Hula III

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