NOlympics LA Demands City Council Not Bend the Rules for Airbnb In the Wake of New Airbnb x Olympics Global Partnership



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LOS ANGELES — NOlympics LA, a coalition of community groups organizing against the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, is demanding that City Council members not create special rules or loopholes for tech giant AirBnb, which aims to expand its presence in the city before the 2028 Olympics. The Olympics and Airbnb just announced a $500 million partnership that will directly impact Olympic host cities for the next decade.

NOlympicsLA organizers state that "even though the tech company has claimed they will work with the International Olympic Committee to help refugees, many of Los Angeles' 60,000 internally displaced houseless were displaced with the indirect help and incentives created by Airbnb’s platform. Airbnb allows entire sections of the city’s rental housing to be turned into de-facto uncontrolled hotels."

The group demands that City Council members must prioritize the well-being of their most vulnerable populations over what the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Games will bring to Los Angeles: displacement, gentrification, police brutalization, environmental destruction, corruption, and athlete abuse.

You can read the full NOlympics LA analysis of Airbnb here:

Community groups including NOlympics LA organizers will be attending the City Planning Commission meeting at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, December 19 at City Hall (Room 340) to demand real enforcement — and no loopholes —.for the new Airbnb regulations. The Planning Commission will be hearing a proposal to add carve outs to the city's short term rental policy, allowing the use of non-primary residences.


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