Ex-IOC Member and IAAF Chief Faces Paris Trial

(ATR) The corruption trial of Lamine Diack and his son is scheduled for next week in Paris.

(ATR) The corruption trial of Lamine Diack and his son is scheduled for next week in Paris.

Meanwhile, the trial of Carlos Arthur Nuzman, the former president of the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee and the Brazilian Olympic Committee, is heading towards verdict and sentencing in Rio de Janeiro.

Diack, 86, is under house arrest in France, accused of bribery and money laundering to purchase the votes of IOC members for Olympic host cities. Diack is also implicated in the cover-up of doping violations of Russian athletes while he was president of the athletics federation IAAF, now known as World Athletics.

Diack, a former member of the IOC, is accused along with five other people including his son Papa Massata. He is in Senegal where he has managed to escape extradition to France.

There are two Russians involved, Valentin Balakhnichev and Alexei Melnikov, who have stayed in Moscow. They are expected to be tried in absentia.

In another separate legal process in Brazil now 28 months old, the Office of the Prosecutor and lawyers for the defense presented their respective final arguments in the case of former Olympic leader, Carlos Nuzman. They are waiting for magistrate Marcelo Bretas to return from vacation.

The Brazilian Prosecutor's Office suspects that Nuzman is the main intermediary between businessman Arthur Soares and Diack in an alleged bribery operation with African IOC members to secure votes in 2009 for the candidacy of Rio for the 2016 Games.

A final decision in Nuzman’s case would still remain pending by the judge. Still to be heard is the defense of another defendant, former governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral.

In addition to Nuzman and Cabral, Leonardo Gryner, former marketing director of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, and businessman Arthur Soares, currently in the United States, have also been implicated.

The investigation called "Unfair Play" was launched in September 2017 at the request of the French Public Prosecutor's Office after detecting evidence of corruption in the Brazilian candidacy.

Around the Rings can report that Nuzman's defense request for reports by the French authorities about the investigations of Diack and his son was denied by Judge Bretas.

Reported by Miguel Hernandez.