ATR First: The ISSF Continues Negotiations With India On Pakistan Visas

(ATR) If visas are not granted the IOC will cancel the Olympic qualification status of the event in New Delhi.

(ATR) The International Shooting Sport Federation continues negotiations with the Indian authorities to allow two Pakistani athletes and one official into the country for this week's World Cup in New Delhi.

ISSF General Secretary Alexander Ratner, responding to questions from Around the Rings, updated the situation from the tournament headquarters on Thursday.

"The ISSF continues demanding from the Indian authorities to grant visas in the Indian Embassy. This matter has not been solved yet."

Ratner warns that there are consequences if the Pakistanis are not allowed to compete.

"In case visas are not granted the IOC will cancel the status of Olympic qualification event of the World Cup. Eighteen quota places for 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will not be disputed in New Delhi and will be transferred to further competitions."

Ratner clarified that "In due time the Organizers of the World Cup were given necessary guarantees from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports that all participants of the World Cup, including those from Pakistan, will be given access to the country without any discrimination."

When asked if this decision by India could affect its aspiration to organize other international events, Ratner said "The ISSF does not have information about possible consequences for the Indian sports and Olympic movement in future."

Should the Indian government allow the athletes to come to the tournament, ISSF President Vladimir Lisin has granted them the use of his private jet to fly the delegation from Islamabad to Delhi. This was necessary because the National Rifle Association of Pakistan said it could not obtain permission from an airline to transport ammunition.

The opening ceremony takes place on Thursday. Friday will be the day dedicated to pre-event training and on Saturday the competition begins.

Reported by Miguel Hernandez.