Andy Polo refuses to give 40% of his winnings to Genessis Alarcón and his lawyer would have waived the case

The footballer initially approved to give 40% of his salary to his ex-partner. However, he changed his mind and refused to sign the settlement document.

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Andy Polo, denounced for domestic violence, still has not resolved his legal situation despite pressure from Universitario de Deportes, a team that gave him only 15 days to reach an agreement with his ex-partner. To date, the footballer has not reached a conciliation with Génessis Alarcón and, apparently, his lawyer would have decided to resign from the case.

During the broadcast of Magaly TV La Firm e, Claudia Zumaeta, legal defender of the athlete's still wife, reported that Polo still maintains a hostile attitude towards reconciliation with the mother of his children. This was demonstrated when he refused to attend the agreed meeting again, where he would sign to grant 40% of his fees to Alarcón for the maintenance of his two children.

According to Zumaeta, it was initially proposed that he give 45% of his winnings as a player of the 'U'. However, Polo rejected that amount and asked for a 5% reduction, which was approved by Genessis Alarcón. Once they reached this agreement, Andy's lawyer asked him to speed up the process, as he had to reconcile as soon as possible to start playing League 1 matches. Great was the surprise of both parties when Andy refused to sign something that had already been negotiated.

“At 3 in the afternoon we were already at the conciliation center. When we see that the minutes pass, she contacted me with the lawyer and she replies that they were waiting for Mr. Polo (...) I told her to be frank, and she told me that everything had been very fast and that Andy was just reviewing the agreement,” she said indignantly.

Génessis's lawyer indicated that the footballer's legal representative contacted her after this awkward moment to announce that she would no longer be facing the case. “He told me that he had left the sponsorship. So, we have to make it clear that it was Andy Polo's unilateral responsibility for not wanting to sign,” he said.


During the first conciliation meeting, which Andy Polo did not attend, his still wife specified that the complaint he lodged with him for physical violence and psychological development will continue its course despite reaching agreement on child ownership and maintenance.

“Yes (I'll get there) to the last one. As the doctor said, that (assault complaint) has no negotiation,” replied the 27-year-old woman, who months ago tearfully confessed to the alleged mistreatment suffered at the hands of the footballer.

As part of the tests, the former partner of the footballer will provide the complete audio of the alleged act of violence that he experienced in the United States United, where they hear a fight and the heartbreaking cry of their children. One of them tearfully asks his mother: “Please, Mom, don't hit you.”

After presenting this audio on her program, Magaly was very mortified to listen to the terrified little ones. “I know, it's revealing, it's horror, it's terrifying, it breaks my heart to hear that little boy “Mom, he's going to hit you”. I mean, talking like that (short). That's when you call 911,” said the journalist quite moved.