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(ATR) Director of Dow’s Olympic program Louis Vega joins ATRadio to talk about Dow’s role at the Games.

(ATR) Director of Dow’s Olympic program Louis Vega says the Olympic TOP sponsor doesn’t need commercials to prove its ability to enhance the Games.

"We hope that our commercial is expressed through our technology and wins," Vega tells Around the Rings on the latest edition of ATRadio from PyeongChang.

"All the ice venues, those are our commercials; USA Luge’s success over the past couple of years, that’s our commercial; the OCOG saying ‘you know what, we were able to put that paint down in cold weather and get that freeway open in hours versus days’, that’s our commercial."

While Vega is at the Winter Olympics, he is leading groups of clients and guests of Dow in their Olympic hospitality program while also communicating with other stakeholders of the Games.

"We’re helping our current customers learn about the rest of Dow," he says. "Maybe they’ve been long term clients buying x product, and as they’ve matured over the years, we have, and so helping them to understand all of Dow."

Dow’s current sponsorship with the International Olympic Committee runs through the Tokyo 2020 Games. After four Olympics with Dow, Vega said he can envision the partnership continuing past Tokyo 2020.

"Our technologies have been enabling the success of the Games for decades and I don’t see that changing," Vega said confidently. "Technology, material science and chemistry is always going to be needed, and we’ll always be there as the largest, best that there is at it."

Listen to the full conversation with Vega and ATR Editor Ed Hula below:

Written by Kevin Nutley

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