Flavio Machado, 41, Paralympic Ceremonies Producer

(ATR) Flavio Machado's death sends ripples through the Olympic and Paralympic Movement.

(ATR) The death of Flavio Machado, executive producer of the iconic Rio 2016 Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, at just 41-years-old has caused great impact on the Olympic world.

Machado had been hospitalized due to a rare abdominal cancer in the peritoneum, which he had fought over the past seven months.

His funeral and cremation took place Saturday in the Memorial of Carmo do Caju in Rio de Janeiro.

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC), led by President Andrew Parsons, gave its condolences to the family of Flavio Machado, Vice-president of the consortium Cerominas Cariocas 2016 for live ceremonies and major events at Rio 2016.

He was also played a large role in planning the Paralympic and Olympic Torch Relays.

Parsons said: "On behalf of the IPC, I would like to send our condolences to Flavio’s family following his sad passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

"Flavio Machado worked really hard with his team to deliver arguably the best Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony ever at Rio 2016. I had the opportunity to follow the project from very close and I witnessed his passion and commitment for the Paralympic Movement."

Son of the directors of P & G and SRCOM, Sheila Roza and Abel Gomes, Flavio graduated in advertising from PUC. He was married and had two children. Dear and respected in the promotional & live marketing market, Flavio was responsible for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Paralympics of 2016.

In 1999, Machado was already working on P & G Scenography. In 2004, he became Director of Creation and Development of Proprietary Projects at SRCOM. According to interviews he gave, his greatest achievement in the company "was to have incorporated into the organization the culture of self-creation, which may be the cat's leap to the conquest of new markets."

Last April, Flavio had been elevated to the position of CEO, replacing Sheila Roza, who moved to the agency's board.

And in July, he presented a lecture on the work of SRCOM at the opening of the Olympic Games in Brazil.

Written by Miguel Hernandez

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