Balich Worldwide Shows in Lima 2019

Olympic Offices Close for Holidays -- Monday Memo

(ATR) Sport organizations except for those preparing for the PyeongChang 2018 Games shut down for the holidays.

Flavio Machado, 41, Paralympic Ceremonies Producer

(ATR) Flavio Machado's death sends ripples through the Olympic and Paralympic Movement.

Chinese Director to Organize Second Olympic Flag Handover

(ATR) Zhang Yimou will return to the Olympic stage to direct the Beijing 2022 Olympic flag handover.

LA Olympics Bid to Capitalize on New NFL Stadium

(ATR) Los Angeles 2024 will have a nearly new sports venue to utilize after Rams relocate to Los Angeles.

Disney Joins the Stadia & Arena 2015 Cast

The Disney Institute will give the Closing Keynote at next month’s Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2015 conference.

PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies Orchestrated with Master Class Experts

The PyeongChang Organizing Committee announces the participation of world renowned experts with backgrounds in directing past Olympic Ceremonies to collaborate in successful staging of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games. 

Closing Ceremony of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games -- Photodesk

(ATR) The 2014 Youth Olympic Games came to a colorful close in Nanjing on Thursday. 

Innovative Nanjing delivers bright future for Youth Olympic Games

The second Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG) came to a spectacular close today in Nanjing, China, with a dramatic Closing Ceremony at the Olympic Sports Centre Stadium.

McDonald's Restaurants in Moscow

Based on a claim from a federal consumer agency, on Aug 20 2014, McDonald’s restaurants on Pushkin Square, Manezh Square and Prospect Mira were temporary closed.

Director for 2008 Olympic Ceremonies to Promote Beijing 2022

(ATR) Internationally-acclaimed film director Zhang Yimou will make a promotional film for the Beijing 2022 Olympic bid. 

Pistorius Relied on "Primal Instincts," Defense Says

(ATR) Defense attorney Barry Roux says Pistorius used his "primal instincts" the night he shot his girlfriend.

Pistorius an "Appalling Witness," Prosecutor Says

(ATR) Prosecutor Gerrie Nel discredited the defense for Oscar Pistorius during his closing argument on Thursday.

Pistorius Defense Submits Legal Summary

(ATR) The defense for Oscar Pistorius submitted its legal summary today as both sides prep for closing arguments.

Photodesk -- 2014 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony

(ATR) The 2014 Commonwealth Games closed at Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday.

Defense Rests in Pistorius Trial

(ATR) The Pistorius defense team has rested its case ... Closing arguments begin August 7.

Photodesk -- Sochi Paralympics Closing Ceremony

(ATR) Around the Rings was on the scene for the Paralympic Games' closing ceremony.

The Sochi 2014 Paralympic Closing Ceremony to celebrate the Works of Kandinsky

Marco Balich: To Plan a New Worldwide Entertainment Business

Marco Balich, Olympic Producer and Creative Director of large-scale ceremonies and international events, and Executive Producer of Rio 2016, has resigned from Filmmaster Events, the Filmmaster Group Company, after having left the role of the Chairman of the Board some months ago.

Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee selects participants for the Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies

The Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee and the ANCO "Ceremonies Staging Agency" have held auditions for candidates interested in performing at the Sochi 2014 Opening and Closing Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies.

2020 By the Book -- Ceremonies

(ATR) In this installment of By the Book, Around the Rings presents a look at the Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies of Istanbul, Madrid, and Tokyo for the 2020 Games.