“Mixed Zone” podcast: World Cups in the spotlight as FIFA pushes for biennial tourneys while USA Rugby bids for men’s and women’s events

A contentious meeting between FIFA president Gianni Infantino and UEFA this week as soccer’s governing body moves forward with idea of a World Cup every two years. Elsewhere, the United States could be hosting two Rugby World Cups by the end of the decade.

The Paris 2024 Board of Directors approves the core principles of the volunteer and Torch Relay programmes

Paralympic torch relay en route to Tokyo after 43 prefectures of Japan hold ‘flame festivals’

The Paralympic torch relay will now pass through Chiba, Saitama and Shizuoka prefectures between August 17th-19th. It reaches Tokyo on the 20th, four days before the Games begin.

No Spectators for Olympic Events in Sapporo

(ATR) Further restrictions for the Torch Relay through Tokyo ahead of an expected decision on spectators at the venues.

Welcome to Tokyo! Olympic flame arrives for the final leg of its journey towards the Opening Ceremony

Paralympic Torch Relay Routes and Flame Gathering Event Details

OpEd: No Ode to Joy in Tokyo - Top Story Replay

(ATR) With less than nine weeks to go, these are the most fraught Games in my 30 years covering the Olympics says Ed Hula.

OpEd: No Ode to Joy in Tokyo

(ATR) With less than 10 weeks to go, these are the most fraught Games in my 30 years covering the Olympics says Ed Hula.

Torch Relay Shrinks as Infections Surge

(ATR) No spectators for torch relay in Hiroshima... latest polls show holding the Games getting more unpopular

DHL, Tudor Sign on with World Rugby - Sponsor Spotlight:

Also: Coca-Cola exec says the company is managing Tokyo 2020 "roller coaster"; Nabisco supports Team USA 

Coca-Cola Managing Tokyo 2020 'Roller Coaster'

(ATR) The TOP sponsor is adapting its Olympic business model and activation strategies like never before.

Tokyo 2020 Appoints Expert Group for COVID-19 Countermeasures

(ATR) The organizing committee unveiled a number of new initiatives following its latest Executive Board meeting.

Tokyo 2020 Wrap: Emergency Measures; Torch Relay, Test Events Changes

(ATR) The Tokyo 2020 president reiterates that cancelling the Games is not being considered amid a new state of emergency.

IOC President Plans Tokyo Trip

(ATR) IOC won’t confirm dates for possible visit in May, expect more details as IOC EB meets Wednesday.

Doubts Persist for Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics

(ATR) Japan’s Prime Minister heads to U.S.,  insists no changes in plans for the Olympics…

IOC: 'We'll Be Prepared' for Tokyo 2020

(ATR) An IOC press conference to mark 100 days until the Tokyo Olympics highlights the work still remaining.

Olympic Enthusiasm in Short Supply

(ATR) In Tokyo, U.S. cautionary public sentiment on matters Olympic.

New COVID Measure For Tokyo 2020

(ATR) Efforts to keep the virus at bay remain the primary focus ahead of the 100 days to go milestone on April 14.

Corona Surge with Tokyo Milestone

(ATR) The postponed Tokyo Olympics near 100 days to go, regardless of the pandemic.

Torch Relay Change for Osaka

Also: Former Tokyo 2020 sports director battles serious illness.

COVID Concerns Endanger Tokyo 2020 Events

(ATR) Tokyo 2020 president Hashimoto says decisions have yet to be made for Osaka Torch Relay dates or diving test event.

2 Minute Newscast: AOC Unveils Tokyo 2020 Uniforms

Also: IOC President Thomas Bach travels to Athens for a ceremony at the Panathinaikos Stadium.

2 Minute Newscast: Tokyo 2020 Torch Relay Kicks Off

(ATR) Japan's World Cup champions kick off the 121-day event in Fukushima.

Japan's World Cup Champions Kick-off Olympic Torch Relay

(ATR) The 121-day event sets off from the J-Village National Training Center in Fukushima prefecture on Thursday.

Safety Measures Added for Torch Relay

Also: Decision on whether overseas spectators will be able to attend Tokyo 2020 could come on March 22.

Tokyo 2020 President Unveils Gender Equality Working Process

Hashimoto Seiko says a decision on overseas fans for Tokyo 2020 will be made before March 25.

Tokyo 2020 Unveils Torch Relay Countermeasures

Preventive measures adapted as Olympic Torch Relay is scheduled to begin March 25 in Fukushima Prefecture.

Olympic Spirit Burns Bright in Greek Alpine Skier

Ioannis Antoniou, first torchbearer for Sochi 2014, races down Cortina's slopes with an eye on qualifying for Beijing 2022.

Potential Opt Out of Tokyo 2020 Torch Relay

Also: Tokyo 2020 executive board to meet Thursday amid reports a replacement for president Yoshiro Mori has been found.

Tokyo Torch Relay Begins in 100 Days

(ATR) Tokyo Skytree lit up in colors of Tokyo 2020 torch to mark the milestone.