ANOC Flush With Cash; EOC Meeting on Ukraine

(ATR) Also: The longtime secretary general of the Libyan Olympic Committee is stepping aside.

ANOC Sitting on $20 Million

ANOC has $20 million in reserves.

Richard Peterkin, the Treasurer of ANOC, said the total is more than what ANOC has traditionally had. He said when Sheikh Ahmad came to office in 2012, he made a pitch to the IOC that ANOC needed to modernize - and it needed more funds to do so.

"We’re very comfortable," Peterkin said.

While ANOC may be flush with cash now, he pointed out "we still have major activities" to pay for.

ANOC must now find new sources of revenue other than the IOC, Peterkin said. He said that way the organization can truly represent an independent voice of NOCs.

Arab NOCs Seek CAS Help

The Court of Arbitration for Sport held a training session for Arab countries interested in establishing national courts for sport arbitration.

Matthieu Reeb, secretary general for CAS, said some seven countries from the region attended the meeting. CAS briefed them on various procedures and legal issues.

Reeb added the countries wanted to be ready with a system in case a need arises for a national tribunal.

Speaking more broadly, Reeb said CAS is satisfied with the amount of resources and support the Court receives, but said, "We need more space in our office."

Ukrainian Athletes Meeting

The European Olympic Committees’ Athletes Commission will meet today to discuss the situation of Ukrainian athletes.

EOC Athletes Commission chair Jean-Michel Savoie said the meeting would touch on a number of issues, the most delicate of which will be the representation of athletes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized vote of the Crimean region to become part of Russia. That makes unclear which NOC athletes are able to represent if they lived in Crimea.

Libyan NOC Leader Stepping Down

Marwan Maghur, the long-serving secretary general of the Libyan Olympic Committee, said he is preparing to retire.

Maghur said his decision came because he is no longer living in Tripoli and would like "to give a chance to somebody else."

He first joined the LOC in 1997 as an executive committee member and in 2001 became secretary general.

The IOC has been key in helping a smooth transition, he said. Since the Libyan Revolution, there was tremendous turmoil throughout Libyan society and the LOC was not immune. Elections must be held by the end of March. He said we was declining to endorse a successor.

Written by Ed Hula III

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