Superfan Report: The Vibes at the Figure Skating Venue

(ATR) Opera and robots at the Olympics? SuperFan Everen Brown finds both at the PyeongChang figure skating venue. 

(ATR) Opera and robots at the Olympics? A visit to the PyeongChang 2018 Figure Skating venue finds both!

Robots roam the corridors of this venue making most people look twice. Lost spectators can enlist the help of one of these robots to find their way around the venues. A few daring individuals stop them for help. They make for great photo opportunities and are a fun crowdpleaser at this busy venue.

Venue intermission entertainment has hit a high note with famous Korean opera singers. Over the past few days figure skating fans have been serenaded with this upscale entertainment. Soprano Kim Soo Yeon and baritone Park Min performed a stunning duet two days ago.

Kim Ho-joong, a Korean gang member turned opera singer whose life story was profiled in the movie Paparotti, enthralled the crowd with his booming voice yesterday. Opera fits well with the musical component of figure skating and the thunderous applause confirmed its popularity.

Thursday’s entertainment kicked off Korea’s Lunar New Year as the group Muakpoongryu introduced the crowd to their sound stylings of updated Korean music, a nice touch of traditional culture from this host country.

Charming bilingual venue hostess Juney Lee is a YouTube entertainer herself - known as Korean Sister Juney. Her perfect command of the English and Korean languages makes for pleasant exchanges to motivate and entertain figure skating fans during her silly Kiss-Cam JumboTron segments.

Resident venue DJ Bagahee VPH13, plays rock tunes and the dance cranks up a competition for audience members to win tickets to the medals plaza ceremonies.

Finally - not part of the official entertainment program - the North Korean cheerleaders appear each time Korean skaters compete. They continue to steal the show with coordinated flag waving gestures and singing. Once the competing Koreans finish their session, they disappear. Their appearances send the audience into a photo taking frenzy.

A high spirited and entertaining venue keeping fans engaged non-stop, so much so you hate to leave your seat.

Written by SuperFan Everen T. Brownin Gangneung

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