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(ATR) Evan Falchuk is leading the push for a ballot question omitting state spending on a potential Boston Olympics.

(ATR)Transparency remains an issue for the private group behind Boston's bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, at least according to one Boston politician who spoke with Around the Rings on Friday.

In an AP report this week,Evan Falchuk, leader of the United Independent Party,dismissed a state budget amendment as "smoke and mirrors."

The amendment included by lawmakers in a compromise $38.1-billion spending plan would require public hearings and legislative approval before taxpayers' money could be spent on the Olympics.

Falchuk, who ran for governor of Massachusetts last year, is leading the push for a ballot question barring any state spending on a potential 2024 Games in Boston.

In speaking to ATR, hediscussed the premise behind the UIP's proposed 2016 ballot question and recalled the surprise many Bostonians felt last Jan. when the U.S. Olympic Committee chose Boston to bid for the 2024 Games.

Statewide support in Massachusetts for holding the Games in Boston appears to have increased slightly since organizers proposed a new plan last month.

In the first poll conducted by WBUR since Boston 2024 presented its new proposal, 42 percent of voters in the state said they supported Boston’s hosting the Olympics.Fifty percent said they opposed it.

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