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(ATR) IBU president Anders Besseberg joins ATRadio to talk about the Olympic biathlon competition.

(ATR) International Biathlon Union president Anders Besseberg says outside of strong gusts to begin the Games, PyeongChang has provided an optimal Olympic setting for the sport.

"It’s correct we are having a very beautiful venue here and it’s very functional," Besseberg tells Around the Rings Reporter Brian Pinelli on the latest edition of ATRadio from the Alpensia biathlon venue.

"We have been in a lucky situation where the snow conditions have been excellent," he said "The first competitions we had big problems for athletes on the shooting range because the wind was rather strong and a big gusty, so some athletes were a bit luckier than others with the wind.

"But it has been very close to perfect conditions the last few days."

Besseberg marveled at the performance this season by French biathlete Martin Fourcade who has won three golds at PyeongChang 2018.

"Martin Fourcade, not only this winter, also the three previous years he has won World Cups, so he’s the most dominant athlete over the last four years. With three golds here there’s no doubt he’s the most outstanding biathlon athlete so far in the season."

As for Russians competing in the Olympics and on the biathlon world tour despite the doping scandal unfolding in the country, Besseberg says it’s difficult to keep an entire country out of competition without sufficient evidence of wrongdoing.

"It’s difficult to give a clear answer today, many of those things are going on and in front of court and so on," Besseberg tells ATR. "One thing sports, WADA, all federations and the IOC are having in common is we want to fight for the clean athletes but at the same time we must also be very careful we are not sanctioning clean athletes, that is what is problematic in this case."

Listen to the full conversation with Besseberg below:

Written by Kevin Nutley

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