Asian Games Roundup -- Ju-Jitsu Player Banned; Injuries for Afghani Paraglider

(ATR) Bahraini banned for unspecified behavior... Paraglider in hospital with neck injuries... more inside.

(ATR) The Court of Arbitration for Sport declined to hear appeals from the Bahrain Olympic Committee and its ju-jitsu athlete Ali Munfaredi.

Munfaredi, 24, was appealing a ban from the Asian Games handed down by the International Ju-Jitsu Federation for "alleged improper behavior". The nature of the incident involving Munfaredi is not yet clear.

CAS said in a statement the case was outside the jurisdiction of its ad hoc court.

Neither Munfaredi nor INASGOC responded to Around the Rings' requests for more information and comment. TheInternational Ju-Jitsu Federation was unavailable for comment.

Injuries for Afghani Paraglider

Afghanistan paraglider Lida Hozoori remains in hospital with serious neck injuries, according to reports.

Hozoori, along with Chinese paraglider Wang Jianwei, were helicoptered from the paragliding competition in Palembang on Aug. 22.

The full extent of Hozoori’s injuries is not yet clear. Wang is said to be stable having onlybroken his leg.

The incidents took place on the first day of paragliding competition at the Asian Games. Both Hozoori and Wang were competing in the accuracy event.

Afghan NOC president Hafizullah Wali Rahimi told ATR he had visited Hozoori in hospital, confirming her injuries were not life threatening. "She walks and her reports were not a big concern. She will be in the hospital for a few more days to fully recover," he said.

Asian Games Baby

One hopes Asian Games will like the Asian Games!.

'Asian Games', of course, is the name Yordania and Vera Denny bestowed upon their newborn daughter. The couple gave her the first name of Abidah.

The girl was born in the town of Palembang just before the opening ceremony, according to a report by AFP.

"Such an event is rare," Yordania Denny said in explaining the naming. "It only happens every few years. And not to mention that it's in Palembang. It's rare for Palembang to host such an event."

Coverage of the 18th Asian Games is made possiblein part by the Olympic Council of Asia

Reported by Ed Hula III in Jakarta

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