Olympism in Action to Debut at YOG -- Conferences and Conventions

(ATR) Also: FINA World Aquatics Convention and The Brand Conference coming later this year

(ATR) The IOC will debut the Olympism in Action Forum in Buenos Aires on October 5-6 prior to the Youth Olympic Games.

Speakers, businesses, athletes, and more will address topics on how to use sport to improve society. This includes removing negative aspects of competition, such as corruption and doping, while enhancing positive impacts, such as environmental sustainability and encouraging young athletes.

Topics on the first day will address current human rights issues, such as gender equality and sexual harassment. Workshops spotlight the recent strain on Olympic host cities, combating rising costs, which has hurt entire countries due to an overuse of resources. The forum wants future hosts to more positively influence their local communities.

On day two speakers, such as members of the Rio 2016 refugee Olympic team, will encourage an increased commitment to inclusion in sport. Workshops look ahead to the future, with esports and ultimate frisbee highlighting future competitions, while entrepreneurship and fan engagement continue to adjust technology advances.

All forum participants also receive an invitation to the Opening Ceremony for the Youth Olympic Games, as the focus on the next generation of athletes is a top priority for both events. YOG feature workshops and education for athletes about Olympic values and how to act as a sports ambassador.

FINA World Aquatics Convention

Hangzhou, China will be home to the fifth FINA World Aquatics Convention on December 8-10. The event aims to bring aquatics business leaders, international federations, and professionals together to encourage participation and best practice within the industry.

Introduction to the newest technologies will be a feature of the event, as several athletic performance and competitive time keeping companies will join the exhibition. The aquatics industry in China is expected to reach $30 billion by 2020.

The FINA Swimming Coaches Golden Clinic will return. Big names within the industry will share their knowledge, including how to prepare athletes for elite competitions.

The Brand Conference

SportsPro's The Brand Conference (TBC) will stretch out to a two-day event in its fifth year. TBC focuses on emerging trends in sports marketing and sponsorship. Executive members from the NFL, NBA, and Juventus FC are included in the advisory board for the event.

The event is designed to cater to directors, head of departments, and executives from international rights holders, brands, and agencies. Technology’s impact on sponsorship will have a major role in the conference. Brands will learn strategies of how to engage more fans and keep them through earning improved fan loyalty. Agencies will build relationships with at least 350 industry members in attendance.

TBC takes place Sept. 26-27 at Lords Cricket Ground, London. More than 180 companies from at least 30 countries are expected to attend. Over 40 speakers will present, including members representing Inter Milan and Roc Entertainment.

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Esports Business Summit

The Esports Business Summit will cover everything from marketing to technology, with more

than 25 educational sessions and workshops about how to succeed in the industry.

Topics include diversity in esports, mobile integration, the effect of cryptocurrencies, the future of gambling in esports, and creating an optimal viewing experience. Workshops cover wide-ranging topics, but "Collegiate Esports: Transforming the University Landscape" provides insight into an emerging part of the industry.

CEO of Activision Blizzard Pete Vlastelica is on the advisory board along with representatives from other major companies, such as Microsoft, Twitch, and ESL.

The event will be held on October 1-3 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The Tempest Awards, given to innovators within the industry, will be presented at the summit. Early registration ends June 21.

Why Sports 2018

The "Why Sports" conference will bring together organizations determined to create increased participation in physical activity and sport across the United Kingdom. The annual conference will be held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on October 2.

The overall theme for the conference will reflect upon "Sporting Future" and "Towards an Active Nation" strategies enacted in 2016. New ideas, developed to be easily transferrable and applicable, should surpass the shortcomings of previous strategies to promote physical activity and sport. Why Sport will also discuss past successes, looking to continue those strategies in the future.

Topics will include the impact of volunteering, the usefulness of open data to the sector, and collaboration between public partnerships. More than 250 speakers, delegates, and sponsors are expected to attend.

Other Conferences

ISHPES Congress: July 18-21

Stadia and Arena Japan: Aug. 30-31

Investing in Facilities and Infrastructure: Nov. 27

FIBA World Basketball Summit: Oct. 3-4

Smart Cities and Sport Summit: Oct. 29-31

Written by Jeffrey Farek

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