Olympic Newsdesk- USOC Tax Filing; World Cup Terror Plot Thwarted

(ATR) USOC tax filings reveal salaries and revenue... Indian Olympic Association rejects term limits... VANOC president will chair OTP board... World Cup terror plot stopped in Iraq.

USOC Tax Filing Opens Doors

While ex-U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Stephanie Streeter’s $1 million pay packet seems to be drawing the most attention from press reports, the just released non-profit tax filing of the USOC opens all kinds of doors into the inner workings of Olympic House in Colorado Springs.

The filing to the Internal Revenue Service is required by May 17 from every entity in the U.S. doing business as a non-profit organization. From the smallest clubs to organizations multiple times bigger than the USOC, May 17 is the date to file the Form 990 and related documents that show whether the non-profits are following the rules and standards required by the IRS to avoid paying federal income tax.

In the case of the USOC, the 60-page filing the USOC declares that it received $123,091,386 in 2009 against expenses of $172,212,066. Nonetheless, the filing shows the USOC still ended up with $49,120,680 in revenue after expenses for 2009.

Among the expenses detailed are dozens of cash grants to organizations and National Governing Bodies that range from $5,000 to parks and recreation departments to the $2.4 million for US Swimming.

The tax filing is a public document, accessible at the USOC’s Web site and also by clicking here.

In his blog, Alan Abrahamson of NBC Universal explores the paycheck issues affecting the USOC as it tries to woo top executives to run the business of the Olympics.

Furlong Will Lead OTP Board

VANOC CEO John Furlong is the new volunteer chairman of the Own the Podium Advisory Board.

Furlong will lead the board that oversees management of OTP funds. The government-supported program provides funding for high-performance Canadian athletes. The 2010 OTP budget totals more than $61 million for winter and summer sports programs.

"John has a proven track record of success, most notably the outstanding 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games that were recently held in Vancouver and Whistler," said Canadian Minister of State Gary Lunn. "I am confident that with John at the helm, Own the Podium will continue to help provide our athletes with the support they need to compete against the best in the world."

OTP started in 2005 to propel Canada atop the medal count in the Winter Games. At the Vancouver 2010 Games, Canada finished third in the medal count with 26 medals but captured the most gold medals with 14.

OTP includes programs to boost Canadian performance in summer sports. Canada hopes to finish at least 12th in the medal count at the London 2012 Summer Games.

Indian Olympic Association Rejects Government Tenure Limits

The Indian Olympic Association rejected government-proposed tenure limits during a special meeting Tuesday in New Delhi.

The Indian Sports Ministry is attempting institute term limits of 12 years and a retirement age of 70 for top officials at the IOA and national sports federations, known. The IOA, under the direction of longtime President Suresh Kalmadi, discarded the proposals in the name of autonomy.

"The Special General Body unanimously resolved that IOA and NSFs would decline to accept the government guidelines to protect their autonomy in accordance with IOC Charter and International Federations' Statutes," the IOA said in a statement Tuesday.

The statement added "no steps will be initiated by IOA/any NSF to amend their Constitution to incorporate any provisions/ part of these guidelines as this will be seriously in breach of the Olympic Charter and render the IOA/NSFs vulnerable to suspension and deprive their teams from international participation."

If the tenure limits go into effect, it would spell the end of office for several Indian sports officials including Kalmadi. The Sports Ministry says terms would not end until the next round of scheduled elections.

The Sports Ministry claims term limits would make the IOA more democratic.

The IOC is backing the IOA. While the IOC does not take issue with the idea of term limits, it does reject government mandated rules for national Olympic committees.

Al-Qaeda "World Cup Plot" Stopped in Iraq

Iraqi security forces have captured an alleged al-Qaeda militant whom they suspect of plotting an attack during next month’s World Cup in South Africa.

A spokesman for Baghdad security services said that Abdullah Azam Saleh al-Qahtani, an officer in the Saudi army, had been detained on suspicion of planning a "terrorist act" in South Africa during the World Cup.

But South African security sources swiftly distanced themselves from developments in the Middle East, saying they were unaware of the arrests.

"We have not received any official reports from them," Vish Naidoo, the Johannesburg police spokesman told The Associated Press.

"Whatever arrest they made there, they know, we don't know anything about it."

International concern about security in South Africa has contributed to slow ticket sales, and organizers have been careful to disassociate themselves from stories that may deter further visitors.

On Monday South African police paraded fire engines, armored carriers and other vehicles through Johannesburg to show they were ready to secure the country for the World Cup.

"South Africa will be hosting the whole world, and therefore will take no chances," Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa said

"Al-Qaeda "World Cup Plot Stopped in Iraq" was originally published at www.WorldFootballinsider.com, an Around the Rings publication.

Written by Ed Hula and Sam Steinberg.