Monday Memo: Calgary Votes, Boxing Deadline, WADA in Baku

(ATR) A 'no' vote might kill Olympic bid … Olympic boxing fed response to IOC … Fight against doping goes to Baku.

Calgary Voters Have Say on 2026 Winter Olympic Bid

The fate of the bid from Calgary for the 2026 Winter Games takes its latest turn this week at the ballot box. A referendum on whether to proceed with the Olympic bid faces the voters in the city that hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Rescued from a demise two weeks ago over funding questions for the actual Olympic plan, the City Council chose to move forward with a referendum November 13. The vote by the public is expected to be as close as the city Council vote, which fell 2 short of killing the bid.

Even if the referendum should be defeated, officials in Calgary have said that it is not necessarily the end of the bid, though it may be difficult to proceed otherwise.

The Alberta capital city was named by the IOC in October as one of three cities to be invited for the final stage of bidding for the 2026 Games. Milan/Cortina and Stockholm are the other two bids.

Olympic Boxing Deadline at IOC

Less than two weeks after the controversial elections for the leadership of the International Boxing Association, AIBA, the Federation delivers its final responses responses to 17 different points demanded by the IOC.

Ranging from governance, to ethics, finance, refereeing and judging as well as drug testing, the report from the federation must deliver assurances satisfactory to the IOC. If AIBA falls short, further IOC sanctions could be in the works.

The report due November 12 at IOC headquarters will form the basis of discussion when the IOC Executive Board meets in Tokyo December 1 and 2.

Baku Scene for Latest Act in WADA Tempest

The World Anti-Doping Agency Foundation Board meets November 15 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

It comes as a schismsopen between factions on the board including sport officials, athletes and governmental representatives. Of particular concern are rules governing qualifications for the next WADA presidency, due to be elected in 2019. Currently held by Craig Reedie who has represented the IOC for the past six years, the presidency now rotates to a representative of the governments.

Reedie convenes a meeting of the WADA Executive Committee November 14 which will prepare recommendations for the board to approve or reject

Other items on the agenda include updates to the World Anti-Doping Code, action against any noncompliance issues and an update on the progress in Russia following the September reinstatement of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency.

The 38-member board is equally composed of representatives from the governments and the Olympic Movement.

Reported by Ed Hula.