DEAD SEA: The Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC) has launched an ambitious and far-reaching four-year strategy that will steer the direction of sport over the next Olympic cycle.

At an event held at the Dead Sea attended by HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, President of the JOC, the strategy was revealed to representatives from both the Jordanian sporting community as well as a cross section of the Kingdom’s society as a whole.

Presented by Secretary General, Nasser Majali, the strategy has been developed around five strategic drivers that will not only focus on elite athlete development, but will work to upgrade the national sports federations and to ensure sport plays a greater role in the lives of all Jordanians.

This is the first time that Jordan has embarked on such a structured journey for sport, with a number of programmes already identified to deliver the four-year plan.

One is to try and send 20 Jordanian athletes to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, while another essential programme is to provide support services to Federations to enable them to build their capabilities and output.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Majali said: "As the lead organisation for sport in Jordan, we are confident that this ambitious strategic plan will elevate Jordanian sport to a higher level, both here at home and on the international stage."

Another of the initial programmes announced during the launch was Team Jordan which will use the athletes as role models to inspire the next generation.

Under each programme, there will be numerous projects to engage with sectors of Jordanian society to ensure that sport plays a greater role in our daily lives.

There will also be units of measure for projects as well as key performance indicators to keep track on progress.

The Five Strategic Drivers:

- To assist in elevating the quality standards of national federations

- To develop elite athletes to be successful in the Olympic Games and international competitions

- To professionalise the sports movement

- To ensure safety, well-being and empowerment to all Jordanian athletes

- To encourage sport for all initiatives, Olympic education and development through sport



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