Johann Koss Promotes Aid for Whistleblowers -- ATRadio

(ATR) Help is available for those who speak out, says the Olympic speed skating great.

(ATR) Help is available for whistleblowers in sport.

Fair Sport, a newly formed foundation, has been created to supply a range of services to individuals who step forward to expose wrongdoing in sport.

Olympian Johann Koss, one of the founding board members of Fair Sport, says that whistleblowers are usually forced to make sacrifices in their quest to unmask corruption. Sometimes forced into hiding, money for living expenses can be as vital as legal services for these disrupters.

"I think we can see the problem being that they get ostracized, they set aside from sport when they come forward," he tells Around the Rings Editor Ed Hula on the latest edition of ATRadio.

"I think this is not really appropriate," he continues. "They are brave individuals who are trying to come forward and tell it how it really is and trying to protect clean athletes."

The website contains more background on the mission and founders of the organization. There’s also information on the recruitment of an Executive Director.

Koss, a four-time gold medalist in speed skating, is also known for his post-athlete career leading Right to Play, the organization the brings sport to children in distressed parts of the world. Born in Norway, he’s now a physician in Toronto.

He details more about the mission of Right to Play in the full interview with Hula available below:

Written by Ed Hula.