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(ATR) Olympic Channel general manager says platform can be used to give lesser-known sports time in the spotlight.

(ATR) General manager of the Olympic Channel Mark Parkman tells Around the Rings the platform can be used to give lesser-known sports their time in the spotlight.

"It’s for the Olympic Movement; it’s not necessarily for the Olympic program of sports," Parkman tells ATR Editor Ed Hula on a special edition of ATRadio from the sidelines of SportAccord Convention in Denmark.

Parkman and other officials of the Olympic Channel are in Aarhus fresh off the announcement that the Olympic Channel will live stream the 2017 International World Games in Wroclaw, Poland. The rights agreement makes the IWGA the 50th federation or organization to partner with the Olympic Channel since its launch in August 2016.

"[IOC president Bach] wants [the Olympic Channel] to benefit the whole movement and the recognized federations which the World Games are comprised of," Parkman says. "We feel it’s a great benefit for those sports to get more attention, distribution and participation in sport in general."

While using the Olympic Channel to broadcast the Olympics Games is still many years away, Parkman notes that the channel could be used as a secondary content provider during the Games.

"There could be some cases where if the rights were not sold for the Olympic Games in certain territories we may be the platform to stream, similar to what’s been done in the past where the IOC has used YouTube to aid streaming."

After the World Games conclude July 30 in Poland, Parkman says the next challenge for the Olympic Channel is increasing promotion of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.

"We’ll be doing previews leading up to PyeongChang, we’ll be talking more about those athletes," Parkman tells ATR. "We’ll be cross promoting more with our rights holders, the federations and the NOCs to make sure that the awareness and story building is done through the channel… so that there will be more drama leading up to the actual competition during those 17 days.

"People will have been introduced to the athletes and stars and will want to see the final episode during the Games themselves."

Listen below for the full conversation with Parkman and Hula below:

Written by Kevin Nutley

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