Speedo Releases Olympic Kits -- Sponsor Spotlight

(ATR) Also: Paris 2024 adds three sponsors. 

(ATR) Australian and American divers, swimmers, and water polo players were fitted for their Speedo swimsuits for the 2016 Olympics.

Both countries’ athletes will wear the new Speedo Fatskin LZR Racer swimsuits featuring designs to highlight the athletes’ "muscle definition" and national colors. In addition, the aquatics teams of China, Spain, Japan, Canada and Israel will wear the LZR Racer suit during the 2016 Games.

The Australian swimsuits were presented at an Australian Olympic Committee event in Gold Coast, the host of the 2018 Commonweath Games. In addition to the kit release, the AOC said in a release they have extended their partnership with Speedo through the 2028 Summer Olympics. Australian aquatics athletes have worn Speedo since the 1958 Olympics in Melbourne.

According to Speedo Vice President of Product and Marketing Jamie Cornforth the suit’s design is supposed to give a "psychological benefit," for the swimmers in an effort to make them feel "superhuman."

"The Speedo federation suits look so eye-catching, dynamic and powerful that our athletes will no doubt hit the blocks with confidence, empowering them to look, feel and perform their best," Cornforth added in a statement.

United States swimmer Missy Franklin said in a statement she is "honored" to continue wearing the only brand of swimsuit she has trusted her career to.

"Speedo has truly created suits that combine the needs of their athletes with the latest developments in technology," Franklin said. "The addition of this patriotic design makes me even more excited to work toward the opportunity to represent my country this summer."

Paris Olympic Bid Adds Three Sponsors

Paris 2024 has inked deals with a trio of French organizations to take its total sponsorship revenue so far to $23 million.

Agreements were struck with French insurance company MAIF, communications giant Orange and media corporation Vivendi.

Paris has now signed 10 major partnership deals since the start of 2016.

Today's announcements puts the bid on track to meet its $34 million sponsorship target, with the final sponsors to be unveiled in the coming weeks and months.

Each partner will support the city’s Olympic campaign by activating programs that will help to enhance public and corporate engagement with the bid.

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Written by Aaron Bauer in Rio de Janeiro and Mark Bisson

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