Golden 25: #18 -- The Olympic Broadcasters

(ATR) Olympic Broadcasting Services brings home the signals that show the magic of the Olympic Games.

(ATR) Regardless of the change in the landscape of the way the Olympic Games are viewed, the basics of high quality signal production are essential. Whether consumed by TV watchers or on the small screen of smart phones, the Olympic signal generated by Olympic Broadcasting Services could be viewed as the foundation of the revenue model for the Games.

Yiannis Exarchos has led OBS since 2012 as the digital revolution sweeps over the sports broadcasting business. The consistency and high standards of production by the IOC-owned company make it possible for broadcasters such as NBC who cover the Olympics to concentrate on delivering product that fits their audiences. IOC member Gerardo Werthein heads the OBS Board of Directors.

The creation of the Olympic Channel in 2016 has become a voluminous portal into the world of the Olympics and Paralympics. Conceived as a way to draw younger audiences to pay attention to the Olympics, the verdict is still out on whether the Olympic Channel is reversing the generational slide. A testament to the importance with which the channel is regarded is the placement of the IOC president as chairman of the board for the Olympic Channel.

IOC Television and Marketing Services headed by Timo Lumme raises the billions needed to keep all of this going. The department now covers both rights negotiations as well as worldwide sponsorships.

The Around the Rings Golden 25 is the annual survey of individuals who will have the most influence for the Olympic Movement in the year ahead. First published in 1997, this is the 22nd edition.

Homepage photo: OBS

Reported by Ed Hula.