Curling: Canada, Denmark and United States claim final play-off places and qualify for Beijing 2022

Calgary, Canada – During day eight of the LGT World Women’s Curling Championship 2021 Canada, Denmark and United States secured the final three places in the play-off stage and also confirmed their National Olympic Committees a spot in the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games women’s event.

The six teams who have qualified for the play-offs in ranking order are: Switzerland, RCF, Sweden, Denmark, United States and Canada.

With those final standings, Switzerland and RCF will progress directly to the semi-finals, while Sweden will play Canada in the Qualification 3v6 game and Denmark will face United States in the Qualification 4v5 game.

The Qualification games will both take place on Saturday (8 May) at 09:00 Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) which is Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) -6 hours. They will then be followed by the semi-final games later that day.

The first semi-final will take place at 15:00 MDT and will see Switzerland face the winner of the Qualification 4v5 game.

The second semi-final will take place at 19:30 MDT where RCF will face the winner of the Qualification 3v6 game.

As Estonia finishing in last place in the standings, the European Zone will lose an automatic qualification place for the 2022 edition of the World Women’s Curling Championship.


Session 22 results: United States 3-7 RCF; Denmark 9-5 Scotland; Germany 9-8 Czech Republic; China 4-6 Canada.

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Session 23 results: Korea 7-4 Czech Republic; Switzerland 8-3 Germany; Sweden 9-5 Italy; Japan 9-6 Estonia.

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Rescheduled Session seven results: Czech Republic 5-6 Denmark; Scotland 6-7 China; Switzerland 9-5 Estonia; Sweden 7-5 Japan.

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Final round-robin standings (W-L):

Q Switzerland 12-1

Q RCF 11-2

Q Sweden 10-3

Q Denmark 8-5

Q United States 7-6

Q Canada 7-6

Korea 7-6

Scotland 6-7

Germany 6-7

China 6-7

Japan 5-8

Czech Republic 3-10

Italy 2-11

Estonia 1-12

Q = Qualified for the play-offs and Beijing 2022

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