Boxing Fed Election Set for Dec. 12

(ATR) More than 25 percent of national federations not eligible to vote in crucial election.

DELHI, INDIA - NOVEMEBER 24: Turkish boxer Demir Sunner (blue) competes with Yang Xiaoli in Women's heavy category in the final of AIBA Women's World Boxing Championship in Delhi, India on November 24, 2018.  (Photo by Javed Sultan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
DELHI, INDIA - NOVEMEBER 24: Turkish boxer Demir Sunner (blue) competes with Yang Xiaoli in Women's heavy category in the final of AIBA Women's World Boxing Championship in Delhi, India on November 24, 2018. (Photo by Javed Sultan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

(ATR) More than 25 percent of the national federations of embattled international boxing federation AIBA will be ineligible to vote in the upcoming election for a new president.

A total of 57 National Federations from the five continents will be barred from voting as well as participating in the virtual AIBA Congress Dec. 12-13.

Failure to pay their dues on time to AIBA is the reason for the exclusion ordered by the federation election commission.

The AIBA executive committee ratified the ruling during a five hour teleconference Nov. 6 to plan for next month’s congress.

A total of 143 out of 200 AIBA National Federations are eligible to vote and participate in the Congress on December 12-13.

Around the Rings is told that the presidential election will be held Dec. 12.

The congress and the elections of new officers is considered a crucial step on the road to the reinstatement to the Olympic family for AIBA. The federation has been under watch by the IOC since 2017, suspended by the IOC in 2019 from any involvement with organizing the boxing tournament for the Tokyo Olympics. The IOC is demanding reforms in governance, finance and competition judging for AIBA to restore its Olympic status.

Among the national bodies shut out of the AIBA Congress, the largest number come from the Americas with 21of 43 excluded. Those include some important boxing nations such as Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Canada.

The federations of nine Caribbean countries who turned to the Dominican Republic boxing federation for an urgent loan to pay their AIBA dues on time were also excluded by the ElectionCommittee. October 12, two months before Congress, was the deadline for this payment.

The list of eligible national federations has been posted on the official AIBA site.

Africa registered 32 of its 48 members; Asia 38 of 43; Europe 45 of 50 and Oceania 7 of 16.

Seven candidates, four from Europe, one from America, one from Asia and one from Africa, have made public their interest in running for the presidency of AIBA.

Applicants' eligibility is currently under scrutiny by the Electoral Commission in charge of confirming the applications.

Before November 12 the delegates of the national federations eligible to the Congress must have registered.

Suleyman Mikayilov (Azerbaijan), Bienvenido Solano (Dominican Republic), Anas Al Otaiba (United Arab Emirates), Umar Kremlev (Russia), Ramie Al-Masri (Germany), Boris Van der Vorst (Netherlands) and Mohamed Moustahsane (Morocco), are the seven candidates.

Moustahsane, AIBA interim president since March 2019 after Uzbek Gafur Rakhimov was pressured to resign, surprised with his announcement on November 2, the last day of registrations.

This number of candidates in this presidential race could mean a world record in the history of international federations.

Mexican federation president Ricardo Contreras said that the number of candidates "is an evident symptom of fracture" at AIBA.

The same company in charge of the technology behind the July Session of the IOC held virtually will be responsible for the AIBA Congress.

Reported by Miguel Hernandez.

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