With the support of Evo Morales, Cochabamba to host the South American Games 2018

The city of Cochabamba, Bolivia, will host the South American Games in 2018. The election took place this Saturday, April 14, in Rio de Janeiro, during the session of the General Assembly of the South American Sports Organization - Odesur. The application of Cochabamba received the personal support of the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales. On Friday 13th, Morales came to Rio de Janeiro specially to meet the president of Odesur, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, and to ratify the support of his Government to the candidacy of the city of Cochabamba to host the South American Games 2018.

The other candidate city for the Games was Lima, Peru, which, however, withdrew its application on Friday, before the meeting. At the end of the presentation tothe members of the Odesur Assembly on Saturday morning, Cochabamba was elected by acclamation.

"First I wish to thank the leaders of Odesur, but also the leaders of Peru and the Peruvian people, because they understood the importance of the Games returning to Bolivia. We have to work hard from now. It is a joint task of all the Bolivian people. We will be organizing a big mobilization, as we always do in the case of international events, to be able to show a good image of Cochabamba and of Bolivia in the 2018 Games"said Morales.

The president of Odesur, Carlos Arthur Nuzman highlighted the personal commitment of the Bolivian president. "We are very pleased with the determination of the Bolivian government to hold the event. The visit of President Evo Morales to Rio de Janeiro demonstrates that commitment and confirms the growing importance of the Games in South America, which every day achieves more importance on the world stage. The 2016 Olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro, the Youth Olympic Games 2018, in Buenos Aires, the Pan American Games 2019, in Lima, the Universiade 2019, in Brasilia, and we still have the Football World Cup in Brazil next year", said Nuzman.

Nuzman also stressed the historical importance achieved by the South American Games 2018. "It is a great pleasure to hold the Odesur South American Games in Cochabamba. These games were created in Bolivia and therefore the return of the competition to their country of origin is a very important moment for sport, for the youth in Bolivia and, more than that, for the whole country before our continent" explained Nuzman.

Evo Morales arrived in Rio de Janeiro in the early evening of Friday 13th, and was accompanied by the Minister of the Presidency Juan Ramon Quintana Taborga, the Governor of Cochabamba, Edmundo Novillo, the local mayor, Edwin Castellanos, and the President of the Bolivian Olympic Committee, Alvaro Guzmán Bowles. Morales however returned to Bolivia after the meeting, on that same Friday. The other members of the presidential group remained in Rio to defend the application at the Assembly of Odesur. Cochabamba was elected by acclamation.

The General Assembly Odesur also witnessed the presentation of the Organizing Committee for the South American Games - Santiago 2014, which has secured classification for ten sports at the Pan American Games Toronto 2015: karate, rugby, wrestling, bowling, equestrian (jumping and dressage), field hockey, handball, modern pentathlon, cycling and triathlon. Santiago 2014 is still awaiting confirmation of waterskiing to qualify for Toronto. In addition, the organizers of the South American Beach Games in Vargas, Venezuela, confirmed that the event will be held between 14 and 24 May, 2014.

For more on the South American Games, please visithttp://www.odesur.org/en/.

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