Golden 25 -- IOC 2020 Bid Inspector #4

(ATR) After playing a major role in London 2012 from bid to final fireworks, Craig Reedie returns to the spotlight in 2013 as chair of the evaluation commission for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

In March, Reedie will lead the 16-member team that includes five IOC members and a group of technical experts to Tokyo, Madrid and Istanbul. In each of the three cities, Reedie will lead press conferences at the end of the visits as the voice of the IOC, albeit in a distinctly Scottish brogue.

Reedie’s real influence comes in the report the commission will issue in June on the findings of the bid city visits – and any counsel he may privately offer to his IOC colleagues ahead of the Sept. 7 vote at the Buenos Aires IOC Session.

Reedie, 71, joined the IOC in 1994, the Executive Board in 2009 and was then elected as a vice president this year.

2012 Golden 25: 3

Written and reported by the ATR Staff.