Asian Para Games Closing Ceremony by Balich Worldwide Shows

After the Opening Ceremony of Indonesia 2018, the 3rd edition of the Asian Paralympic Games, Balich Worldwide Shows has created and produced also the Closing Ceremony, once again cooperating with the Indonesian company Royalindo Convention International.

The Closing Ceremony was hosted in the Gelora Bung Karno Madya Stadium and attended by over 15,000 people who celebrated the spirit of the multi-sport event organized by the Asian Paralympic Committee and enjoyed a 2 hours show featuring 421 performers and 7 live music acts, including K-pop stars band AOA.

"We Are One" represented the spirit of the Opening Ceremony around the idea of embracing differences and the disability became an ability.

"We Are One Wonder" was the theme of the Closing Ceremony, a true celebration of the concept of "wonder". In the word "wonder" we find a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful and remarkable. Hidden in the word "wonder" there is also the word "won", the past tense of a glorious victory, a tale of triumph.

Featuring powerful music, artistic extravaganza and live theatrical action of wayang (Indonesian shadow puppets), "We Are One Wonder" brought a wonderful spectacle to close the Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games. The show of course included images of the amazing achievements of all the para athletes who have shown us that together we can do wonders and attain greatness, beyond all abilities.

Anghela Aló, Creative Director, said: "In the Opening Ceremony we showed the ABILITY beyond the limits of prejudices and the Closing Ceremony was a tribute to all the athletes and their efforts, an incredible celebration that rejoices gathering in the same place athletes, volunteers and audience to honor their passion, courage and discipline with one of kind party!'.

Talking about the BWS commitment on Indonesia 2018, Laura Cappelli, Ceremonies Producer, added: "Ceremonies are a huge and complex machine to be managed, but also a great opportunity for the host Country and its people to show their culture to the world. All our projects start with an immersive relationship with the people, the culture and the economic system that host us. In Jakarta, for example, most of our 207 people team was composed by high profile Indonesian professionals and we worked with over 1000 local suppliers. This is the reason why we really want to thank Indonesian people for the amazing shows we created together".

The ceremony was anticipated by a minute of silence called to remember the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi.

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