On the Scene: Winter Olympic Bid Next for USOC

(ATR) The U.S. considers the icy plunge for a new bid for the Olympic Winter Games.

(ATR) Weeks after Los Angeles won the 2028 Olympics, the U.S. is ready to launch a bid for the Olympic Winter Games.

Meeting in Colorado Springs for its third quarter session, the USOC board of directors heard from Larry Probst, USOC chair and IOC member.

"Yesterday I think we put a stake in the ground and said we are interested in hosting the winter Games," said Probst referencing a speech March 12 to the U.S. Olympic Assembly in Colorado Springs. The board meeting is taking place along with the annual gathering of the USOC stakeholders.

"Ideally that's probably 2030 so there's no confusion with preparations for 2028," said Probst about avoiding potential conflict with Los Angeles as host of the Summer Games.

Probst says the IOC may consider a dual award of the 2026 and 2030 Olympics as it just did for 2024 and 2028 with Paris andLosAngeles.

"If the IOC considers the possibility of a dual award for 2026 and 30, like they did for 2028, we certainly want to be in that conversation," he said to in a press conference at the close of the board meeting.

Probst says three cities have been in contact to express an interest: Salt Lake City, host of the 2002 Games, Reno-Tahoe in Nevada Denver, the Colorado capital which was to host the 1976 Winter Games until it withdrew after a referendum rejected.

Probst says the door is open for cities to speak with the USOC about their interest in bidding. And Probst says potential bidders can also meet with the IOC to begin formulating bid plans.

Probst advises the U.S. will need to decide quickly on a city to nominate. Applications are due at the IOC at the end of March 2018 with the final choice in 2019.

Written and reported in Colorado Springs by Ed Hula.

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