SportelMonaco Marks the Big Three-Zero -- Conferences & Conventions

(ATR) SportelMonaco's birthday party is about to take over the Grimaldi Forum ... 

(ATR) SportelMonaco is one of the oldest and most respected conferences on the calendar. This year marks a milestone in an area where events appear and disappear with regularity.

Around the Rings interviewed CEO Laurent Puons by email ahead of the conference and its thirtieth anniversary.

Around the Rings:Thirty years is a long time for a conference to still be running. What do you have planned in Monaco to mark the occasion?

Laurent Puons:(A) 30th Anniversary Party! All of our registered participants are invited to celebrate the 30-year Anniversary of SPORTEL. Monday 21st October, from 5:00 pm: everyone is invited to show their skills in foosball, darts and table tennis.

(Also)Monaco Boxing Challenge: SPORTEL Awards will kick off on Sunday, October 20, with a special edition of the "Monaco Boxing Challenge", under the aegis of the Monegasque Boxing Federation.Balanced fights involve the rising stars of French boxing and in particular the boxers of Team Monaco Boxe.

New concepts like our Innovation Zone: new space in the exhibition hall allow start-ups to present their innovations to the leaders in the sports media rights industry.

ATR:What is different between today's event and the first?

LP:Start with the first SPORTEL took place in a tent! But seriously the sports media industry has dramatically changed over the last 30 years and SPORTEL has been a part of the journey.

SPORTEL started as a media rights market and has evolved in to the world’s only international sports media and technology convention.

ATR:We noticed 'new media' is one of the larger sectors of attendees. Twenty years ago new media was the internet!! What is considered new media today? Digital and data has changed the game now.

LP:At a time when security of broadcast content and optimization of the consumer experience are at the heart of broadcasters’ challenges, we are noticing the presence of companies specialized in these new technologies.

We have been focusing on this sector, for five years now, bringing to its community the key actors in terms of anti-piracy, content monetization and fan engagement: TMG,APPLICASTER, FAN HUB, FANSOFT and IMMERSIV.

SPORTEL is the place to be to acquire sports technology to drive fan engagement, maximize reach, best understand how to monetize your data and much more. This has been a growing trend for many years and is now a crucial aspect for our community. I expect these trends to continue to grow, as technology continues to drive growth for many companies in the international sports business industry.

ATR:One of your sessions is about protecting rights. It would seem that piracy is something rights-holders are just going to have to live with, given the prevalence of smartphones and other electronic devices. Can you tellus a little bit about what to expect from this session?

LP:How piracy is a huge issue in the industry, which is one of major headwinds to the future growth of the international sports media rights industry.

We may not have all of the answers today but the industry must continue to fight piracy to ensure rights holders and broadcasters can generate ROI and live sport rights remain important to broadcasters.

ATR:Women's sports are finally getting some respect.This is not the first panel Sportel has ever had about women's sports. But what's different this time around?

LP:Talk about how momentum is growing and audiences are growing and at this point in time rights fees for the associated content are very competitive.

ATR:This year's Sportel Asia looked very successful. What can we expect to see at the next event? And where?

LP:Going back to North America because the SPORTEL Community voted for this and the Americans are very important marketing for many members of the SPORTEL community.

The choice was made by our community by online survey. It was a close race between Asia and North America, but North America won and Miami was chosen by SPORTEL as the host city. Miami is one of the leading and growing sports media & technology environments for the Americas, and its transport links to the rest of the world are very good. SPORTEL has had some great events in Miami in the past and I am sure this will be another one for the books!

ATR: What keeps you coming back to Monaco?

LP: 30 years of history, heritage, ideal venue for our community to come together.

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