IESF family grows as the organization adds Pan American, European, and African continental bodies

The additions are likely viewed as a victory by the International Esports Federation in its competition with the Global Esports Federation to become the IOC-recognized governing body for esports.

Esports World Championship 2018 (IESF)
Esports World Championship 2018 (IESF)

The International Esports Federation (IESF) has added three more continental sports federations to its membership. The Pan American Esports Confederation (PAMESCO), the European Esports Federation (EEF), and the African Esports Association (AESA) became the newest continental bodies to join the IESF.

Speaking on the inclusion of the new continental bodies, IESF Secretary General Boban Totovski said, “it is a very exciting time for IESF to welcome PAMESCO, EEF and AESA to the World Esport Family. IESF is proud to serve as the unifying body for our member federations that share our goal to develop sustainable and responsible gaming worldwide.

“IESF will continue to push forward with embracing all Esports stakeholders into our World Esports Family and shape the future of Esports. It is our responsibility to protect our member’s integrity and ensure proper structure in the ecosystem.”

The Global Esports Federation (GEF), which also claims to be the international governing body for esports, recently announced the foundation of their own continental development federations for Pan America and Africa.

The addition of three existing continental sports federations is likely seen as a victory by the IESF, who are in competition with the GEF to establish themselves as the rightful international governing body for esports.


Recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is likely the prize that both organizations seek. The IOC has indicated an interest to get more involved with esports over the last few years, but has so far remained a neutral party in the debate over governance.

The IOC did however launch the Olympic Virtual Series. The series featured esports competitions in online motorsports, esailing, indoor rowing, ecycling, and ebaseball. The series was held in the run up to Tokyo 2020.

The IOC has continued to leave the door open for the eventual recognition of an international esports federation, but for the time being the IESF and GEF are left to battle it out.

The GEF plan to hold their flagship event, the Global Esports Games, from December 17 -19 in Singapore, while the IESF are set to hold their marquee event, the 13th Esports World Championships, from November 14 - 20 in Eilat, Israel.