Teqball lights up Times Square

18 September, 2019: Teqball has gone from the football pitch to the bright lights of New York city,

taking over Times Square – arguably the world’s most iconic advertising space.

A video ad has been displayed on Times Square’s giant electronic billboards promoting Teqball

alongside DogPound, the internationally-renowned gym frequented by Hollywood A-listers and athletes,

including the likes of Justin Bieber, Adam Levine and Victoria’s Secret Angels.

DogPound is co-owned by György Gattyán, Teqball’s co-founder and International Federation of

Teqball (FITEQ) vice-president, with Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman also having a share in the

franchise. With locations in New York as well as LA, the gym has become extremely popular, with Alisters across the USA flocking there each week.

"Times Square is one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions and somewhere we’ve always

aspired to be featured when it comes to increasing our brand awareness. It’s a fantastic feeling to see

Teqball and DogPound side by side with iconic brands like Coca-Cola, Toyota, Budweiser and Red

Bull. In just a short space of time we’ve reached a point where we’re able to invest in advertising

opportunities like these as we look to continue growing our brand awareness in the US and beyond,"

said Mr Gattyán.

Times Square is estimated to draw roughly 50 million visitors per year, with around 330,000 people

passing through on a daily basis.

Since its invention in Hungary in 2014, teqball has grown to be played in 66 different countries and

achieved official recognition from the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and the Association of National

Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA). FITEQ has a long term goal of seeing teqball included in a

future Olympic Games across both the doubles and singles formats of the game.

A long list of stars from sport and enterainment have taken up teqball in recent years, including global

star Justin Bieber. Brazilian legend Ronaldinho is also a famous Teqer and president of the Brazilian

Teqball Federation, while the likes of Messi and Neymar have tables in their back gardens. Premier

League clubs, such as Manchester United and Arsenal, have also embraced the sport in training as it

helps players enhance their skills and ball control. João Felix, Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford are

just some of the other high-profile names who have declared their love for teqball.

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Teqball is a new football-based sport, designed in Hungary, that is ideal for professional footballers and

amateur players alike to develop their technical skills, concentration and stamina. Teqball is the

brainchild of former professional footballer Gábor Borsányi. His idea was brought to life by fellow cofounders Viktor Huszár, a computer scientist who designed the iconic curved table the game is played

on – and György Gattyán, founder and owner of Docler Holding, Teqball’s business strategist. After its

inception five years ago, Teqball is already being played by 3,000-4,000 people in 66 different countries.

Teqball tables are available to buy for competitive, training, home or leisure use.


As well as being a fun game and football training aid, practised by some of the biggest players and

teams in world football, Teqball is a sport in its own right, governed by the Fédération Internationale de

Teqball (FITEQ), which was founded in 2017. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, FITEQ’s primary

mission is to introduce and develop the sport globally, establish national federations and unite the

international Teqball community. FITEQ organised the sport’s first World Cup in Hungary in 2017 and

staged the second edition in Reims, France, in October 2018. Co-founders, Gábor Borsányi, György

Gattyán and Viktor Huszár, serve as the FITEQ president and vice-presidents respectively. Teqball

became the world’s fastest recognised sport in August 2018 when FITEQ was officially recognised by

the Olympic Committee of Asia and in 2019 it was officially recognised by the Association of National

Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA). FITEQ’s long-term goal is to see Teqball develop into an

Olympic sport.25 Years at #1: Your best source of news about the Olympics is www.aroundtherings.com, for subscribers only