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(ATR) Click here to view photos from the Americas Best Practices Symposium hosted by the USOC in Miami.

PanamSports is proud to sponsor Around the Rings' coverage from June 12 to June 19.

(ATR) Pan American Sports Organization secretary general Ivar Sisniega expresses confidence that forums such as the Americas Best Practices Symposium in Miami will aid the development of sport leaders in the region.

"Here we have analyzed how the limitations of the executives can hinder organizations," Sisniega said in his closing remarks of the two-day symposium. "PanamSports will continue to look for possibilities for you, the leaders and the coaches in each country. We will see how the leadership models demonstrated here are shared and spread across the region."

He affirmed that PanamSports will provide a "timely follow-up" by its Executive Committee of the main issues addressed during the symposium that was attended by more than 100 delegates from the 41 member countries of the continental association.

The delegates listened to best practices techniques from presenters such as: Dr. Flip Flippen, author of "Boosting Excellence in Sports through Leadership"; U.S. Olympic Committee director of high performance Finbarr Kirwan; and NOC delegates from Oceania about how to evaluate the tools used by National Federations to boost athletic performance.

Several USOC experts, including Chris Snyder, delivered results of successful projects in the training of athletes and coaches in high performance. The U.S. development model helps citizens exploit their full potential and use sport as a pathway to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Sisniega also praised the support of the USOC, especially its Director of International Cooperation and Olympic Solidarity Carolina Bayón.

During his speech, Sisniega underlined the need for PanamSports in its "new era" of making a communications revolution based on new information technologies, which should include an online training model to reach as many people as possible and coaches around the world.

He also revealed the organization must do more with communication through its website.

"Not enough people know what we do here," said Sisniega who hopes that from now on more information is available to athletes, journalists and fans of sport in the Americas.

Click here to view photos from the symposium.

Written by Miguel Hernandez and translated by Kevin Nutley in Miami.

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