Perurena Quits Canoeing Presidency

(ATR) Jose Perurena says he will seek to extend his mandate as president of the World Games.

(ATR) Spain's Jose Perurena will step down as president of the International Canoe Federation, but will seek re-election to the International World GamesAssociation (IWGA).

"That's right... I want to complete our work until 2025 with the Games in Chengdu" he commented to Around The Rings. The elections of the new IWGA executive will be in April 2023 in the context of the SportAccord Convention.

So far Perurena is projected as the only candidate, according to several sources.

The announcement was made by the Madrid-based executive while reflecting on the IOC's impending recognition of six International Federations at its next General Assembly in a few weeks in Tokyo.

The International Federations of Cheerleading, Muaythai, Sambo, Kickboxing, Icestocksport and World Lacrosse currently have "provisional" IOC recognition, the first two since 2016 and the rest since 2018.

Perurena was "very happy" with this new step considering the "showcase" role of the World Games for numerous summer sports with a view to their recognition and possible inclusion in the Olympic Program by the IOC.

"It is very positive that those sports included in the IWGA will be presented at the next IOC Session" he said. "It is a sign that we have got it right and that we are in line for collaboration."

Kickboxing, Muaythai and Lacrosse, which were already seen at the World Games in Wroclaw, Poland, in 2017, the same year Perurena was elected, are on the program for the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama, in June 2022.

Sambo had been twice as a guest at World Games (1985 and 1993) but since the end of May its federation was officially accepted along with Wushu in the IWGA to raise the membership to 39. Sambo should be at the Chengdu Games.

According to Perurena, the International Cheerleading Union has applied to join the IWGA, which does not cover winter sports, in this case, Icestocksport.

According to the IOC Executive Board these six International Federations, after the provisional recognition period, demonstrated that they met all the requested criteria, in accordance with the Olympic Charter.

They have adopted and implemented the World Anti-Doping Code and the Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of Tampering in Competitions.

The process requires each international federation for summer sports to have a minimum of 50 affiliated national federations, and each international federation for winter sports to have 25 national federations from at least three continents.

Reported by Miguel Hernandez.