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(ATR) The Paris 2024 president delivers his first report to the IOC since the formation of the OCOG in PyeongChang.

(ATR) Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet delivers his first report to the International Olympic Committee since the Organizing Committee’s formation.

"I wanted to demonstrate and to reassure the IOC that everything is in place five months after the decision and now we will start to work quickly," Estanguet told Around the Rings shortly after delivering his report at the IOC Session in PyeongChang.

"This is fantastic for us to present this first report here in PyeongChang during the Winter Games," Estanguet said on the latest edition of ATRadio. "Over the last five months, a lot has already been done and that’s something that a lot of my fellow IOC members told me you don’t have time to lose so go to work.

"In five months we’ve already launched the OCOG, the law in Parliament, we are starting to speak with business leaders and we still have good engagement with public authorities so at the moment it’s very positive."

Estanguet recently told ATR that once he returns from the Olympics in South Korea the OCOG will focus on building its core team and hire its next round of employees. After the significant roles are filled, Paris 2024 will begin seeking sponsors and considering additional sports to add to the Olympic program.

"We have the [marketing] rights only from January 2019, so the idea is to get some sponsors by this date," he told ATR. "We don’t have the rights to get them before but hopefully before next January we will have some sponsors already.

While sponsors will be brought on board in less than a year, a decision on additional sports won’t come until after the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games where new sports will be added for the first time.

"We have received many requests from different sports and we will use the two years ahead to assess the different proposals, but we also want to wait for Tokyo 2020 because it’s good to really assess the feedback and the added value of those five sports," he said.

Listen to the full conversation with Estanguet and ATR Editor Ed Hula below:

Written by Kevin Nutley

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