U.S. Olympic Committee revamps its five-ring logo to enhance brand and provide consistency in brand architecture

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The United States Olympic Committee today unveiled a redesign of its popular five-ring logo that will be used in various marketing and sponsor materials moving forward. This rebranding effort was conducted to enhance the USOC brand and continue to build consistent brand architecture for all USOC assets, a process that began in April 2010 with an overhaul of all USOC marks.

"Since the launch of our revamped brand platform two years ago, we've seen continued growth and loyalty to the USOC brand," said USOC Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Baird. "This redesign of our five-ring logo continues to build our framework for a consistent look and feel for all USOC assets as well as our desire to work collaboratively with the IOC. Additionally, since the American flag is the most recognized symbol of our country, putting it at the center of our marks signifies the importance of identifying with the history, spirit and symbolism of our country."

Both the U.S. Olympic Team and sponsor marks now feature the United States flag and the Olympic Rings in the designated IOC colors, as well as a Paralympic version with agitos.* The new mark will primarily be used in TOP and domestic sponsor initiatives and various USOC marketing, fundraising and digital media programs.

The U.S. Olympic Team and U.S. Paralympic Team marks will continue to be used on apparel for U.S. Olympic and Paralympic podium wear, Opening and Closing Ceremony apparel and uniforms worn on the field of play. Additionally, the Team USA mark will be utilized as a secondary mark for Team USA on USOC apparel.

When tested by consumers this summer, all three of the below U.S. Olympic marks achieved 89 percent awareness among major sporting brands, and 88 percent of tested consumers associated the new flag five-ring mark with the Olympic Games and U.S. Olympic Team. Also, consumers strongly identified the marks to stand for patriotism, inspiration, leadership and dedication. This consumer research was conducted by SRI International.

All of the USOC marks will remain consistent throughout quadrennial cycles, eliminating the need for frequent redesigns. In addition, the consistent application of these logos will continue to enhance the USOC's brand with clarity, meaning and purpose for years to come.

*U.S. Paralympic marks pending approval from the International Paralympic Committee.

For more information contact: communications@usoc.org

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