Olympic Torch Visits Diamond Mine

(ATR) The Sochi Olympic torch traveled east through Siberia to the city of Mirny, the home to one of the world's largest diamond mines.

On Friday, the Sochi Olympic torch traveled east through Siberia to the city of Mirny.

RIA Novosti says the torch was delivered to the base of one of the world's largest diamond mines.The Mir mine is one of several mines in the Sakha region that collectively account for "25 percent of the world's diamond output."

The Olympic flame will arrive in Yakutsk, one of the oldest cities in Siberia, on Saturday. The city is approximately 3,045 mileseast of Moscow. A combined 73 torchbearers will carry the flame through Mirny andYakutsk.

The flame's arrival inYakutskwill occur as an Olympic torch makes its first-ever spacewalk.A Soyuz TMA-11M rocket carried the torch into space on Thursday.Cosmonauts Mikhail Tyurin and Oleg Kotov carried the torch in the ISS before passing it to Sergey Ryazansky, who will take the Olympic torch outside of the ISSon Saturday. The torch will remain in space for five days.

On Sunday, the relay travels to Magadan where 45 torchbearers will run with the flame, including Russian Olympic ski jumper Dmitry Ipatov. Sochi 2014 says the local airport in Magadan is the largest in northeast Russia. Olympic cross-country skier and president of the Russian Cross-Country Skiing Federation Elena Vyalbe was born in Magadan.

Altogether, 14,000 runners will carry the torch across a total distance of 38,525 miles.The flame is making its way through 83 towns and cities before heading back into European Russia, and ultimately Sochi, for the 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony on February 7.

Written byNicole Bennett.

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