IJF President Makes Personal Statement to Athletes

President Marius ensures athletes that IJF handles all logistics concerning the World Judo Tour.

"In order to sustain and maintain the interest, professionalism and accuracy of the information but also the loyalty of those who are following us, as well as our members and partners, I have the pleasure to inform you that for the events of the International Judo Federation comprised in the World Judo Tour, including the World Championships, one Masters, 5 Grand Slams and 10 Grand Prix as annual events and which represent at the same time qualification criteria for the Olympic Games, IJF, together with the local organizing partners (LOC), have always ensured integrally the logistic conditions for participation of all the athletes to these events, including obtaining a visa for the countries which needed or need this procedure.

Our common interest is to always ensure all the optimal conditions that athletes need in order to perform, avoiding all discriminatory aspects in accordance with the Olympic Charter and the principles of fair-play, peace and friendship between nations.

One eloquent example is the integral participation of all National Federations selected and registered to the Masters held this year in Morocco, including the participation of the Israeli delegation, as well as the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam at the end of October 2015, where visas are confirmed for all the participants from all the registered countries, including Israel. To date over 900 visa applications for a hundred countries were submitted and are currently being processed by the Judo Federation of the UAE.

IJF will be at any times at your disposal in case you do not have enough information regarding the subjects approached and in which our organization is mentioned as involved and we are looking forward to seeing you at all the events organized by our federation."

Mr. Marius Vizer, IJF president

From October 23-27, the International Judo Federation will organize the Junior World Championships, followed by the fourth Grand Slam of the 2015 season (October 30 to November 1) in the city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

For more information contact:press@ijf.org

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