Golden 25 -- SportAccord President #21

(ATR) The search is on for a new president for super-federation SportAccord. When reelected two years ago, Hein Verbruggen notified members he would not serve the full term and set this May as the deadline for his retirement.

This week in Lausanne, SportAccord leaders will meet in Lausanne to brainstorm for potential candidates. While International Judo Federation president Marius Vizer has indicated he is interested in serving, the search committee wants to find candidates who do not already hold office with a federation. In an organization representing 100+ sports, Olympic and non-Olympic, the ideal is a leader who can avoid the appearance of favoritism.While Verbruggen held an honorary post with cycling federation UCI, he relinquished his UCI presidency to run SportAccord.

Recently retired IF presidents may be one of the likely sources of SportAccord presidential candidates. Among them are Goran Petersson from ISAF, Jizhong Wei from FIVB and Bob Elphinston from FIBA, though he tells Around the Rings he’s not interested.

The election is set for the SportAccord convention in St. Petersburg, Russia, at the end of May.

2012 Golden 25: 15

Written and reported by the ATR Staff.