Golden 25 -- P&G Marketer #16 Marc Pritchard

(ATR) Marc Pritchard, Global Marketing Officer for P&G, has directed his company into a high-profile activation program for the Olympic Games.

While a worldwide sponsor only since 2010, P&G has wasted no time establishing its key brands as Olympic brands.

In London this year, under Pritchard’s direction, P&G opened a sprawling "Family Home" that served as a refuge for families of Olympians and as a venue for special events for NOCs and other organizations.

This coming year Pritchard will be organizing plans for Sochi as part of efforts to build P&G brands in Russia. P&G is also working on its strategy for Rio 2016, another important emerging market for the company where it hopes to leverage its Olympic sponsorship into brand share. P&G is a worldwide sponsor through 2020.

Pritchard, 52, began work at P&G as a financial analyst in 1982.

2012 Golden 25: Unranked

Written and reported by the ATR Staff.