Dow Olympic VP Announces Retirement

(ATR) Louis Vega will replace George Hamilton as the Olympic point-man for Dow. 

(ATR) Louis Vega will replace George Hamilton as the Olympic point-man for Dow.

The Midland, Mich.-based TOP sponsor announced on Tuesday that Hamilton will is retiring from Dow at the end of the year. He is a 37-year veteran of Dow. For the last four years, Hamilton was Vice President of Olympic Operations.

Vega will assume his Olympic role while remaining aschief of staff for the office of the Chairman & CEO.

"Louis will bring a fresh approach and point of view to increasing the business value of Dow’s Olympic Games partnership," said Heinz Haller, president of Dow Europe, Middle East and Africa, and executive vice president in charge of Olympic Operations. "He will build upon George’s great success with his intimate knowledge of the Company, our strategy and of our Customers."

In a statement, Dow said that as the company's Olympic leader, Vega will be responsible for engaging host cities while being the main point of contact for the IOC.

"Vega will be responsible for extracting the full business and brand value of Dow’s partnership with the Olympic Games; capturing new revenue and continuing to develop a business structure uniquely positioned to provide technologies and innovations to help improve the Olympic experience for Host Territories, athletes and fans everywhere," the statement added.

Dow is a TOP Sponsor through the 2020 Olympics.

Written by Ed Hula III.

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