A Guide to Packing for the Rio Olympics

Here’s a Rio Traveler Briefing for those super fans who would rather watch it in person than on TV!

Written for Around the Rings by Everen T. Brown

The 2016 Olympic Summer Games are ready to begin next week and the most dedicated of Olympic fans will arrive in this "Marvelous City" a few days early to take in the sights before the competition begins. Here’s a Rio Traveler Briefing for those super fans who would rather watch it in person than on TV!

Let’s start with some Packing Tips: Bring mosquito repellent. It will be winter down there and less chance of mosquitoes, but easier to already have it in your luggage and at hand. Sunscreen is a must, especially for outdoor venues like Beach Volleyball with its majestic views of Copacabana beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Don’t spend time tracking down these items in Rio, just pack them now and be ready to enjoy your time here. A few long sleeved shirts will go a long way as well.

If you get cold easily - pack a jacket. In August it is winter in Rio but mild. If you are from Europe or North America, you will find it refreshingly cool. Some venues like the Olympic Aquatics Stadium (Estadio Aquatico Olimpico) are designed to take advantage of the cool breezes and bring them into the stadium. With swimming finals in the late evening (22:00 to 0:30) a windbreaker might be handy.

Bring great walking shoes. Public transport will leave you with some lengthy walks and best to be comfortable. Be sure to watch your step – lots of uneven sidewalks in Rio and Copacabana. Concentrate on where you are going and once there enjoy the view - injury free. Lots of venues only have one way in and out – so be prepared to walk!

Small neighborhood laundries are all over the city, washing clothes for a set price per kilo. Very affordable, but the wash can be a bit harsher than what you might have at home. Bring clothes that you won’t worry about - if you plan to send them to these neighborhood lavenderias – or pay more for a higher level of service.

Super fans will want to bring some "trader" pins – perhaps pins from past Olympiads to trade for Rio pins. Most popular are pins with the Olympic Rings and country specific pins. Seasoned traders know that just wearing some pins will arouse some interest and possible trades!

Written by Everen T. Brown

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