Personality test: the first thing you look at will reveal how romantic you are

If you are one of those who call themselves as an unromantic person, then you should take this test. The result may be very different from what you expect.

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In the world of love, romanticism is not always the protagonist. People often want to hide that “tender” side of love because it makes them vulnerable to the rest, but their presence is of the utmost importance in a relationship because even the “darkest” couple have ways of showing their most romantic side. To find out whether or not you are a hopeless romantic, we bring you this personality test and we are sure that it will be very helpful to you.

Although you can define yourself as “not romantic”, the answer to this test will probably end up surprising you because displays of affection are part of our characteristics as human beings. Obviously you can try to hide it, to the point of being deceived, but we will solve that with this visual puzzle.

To do so, you just have to see the image and inside it there are 3 characters (figures), the one that first catches your attention will be what hides the answer of whether or not you are a romantic person. In the lower part you can find the meaning of the figures.

Personality test.
Personality test: the first thing you look at will reveal how romantic you are. (Photo: Capture)


The moment of truth has come. Remember that cheating is not worth it.

1. The boy

If the first thing you identified in the picture is the boy in a beanie, then it is likely that people consider that you have a childish passion, since you are too romantic, even if you don't like to admit it. You know that you are and you even consider yourself that way, but the level you handle is too much to the point of being compared to that of a novel. You project that you are in search of finding your princess or prince charming. That is, you simply want to experience your own fairy tale.

It is not bad to be romantic, but remember that everything in excess is harmful and to give too much at the beginning or to come up with things as if it were a love story, it can simply end up harming you and harming the loved one. Measure and think about what consequences your actions can bring.

2. The girl

Unlike the previous one, in this case seeing the girl first indicates that people think you are obsessed with everything related to love and romance. Titanic falls short by your side and that is that the drama when something watches you more than not being able to is simply inevitable. Probably those who know you will not be wrong to tell you.

You're proud of your romantic streak, but sometimes people around you can get confused as to the perception they have about you. For example, they may think that love, dating and sex is all that really interests you, when in fact it's not that way. If you're interested but it's not the only thing.

3. The skull

If you saw the skull first, people think you don't waste time, energy or effort on things like “romance.” People around you see that you are intelligent and realistic, and they assume that this means that you don't get involved in things of love and heart. That is why, average people who are not used to that action might call seeing you and referring to you as a frivolous person.

But you know that this is not the case and that it is nothing more than a terrible perception of reality. The truth is that you have a weakness for romance when it's done right. You think romance should be personal, specific and private. But you're worried that if people knew this about you, they'd start treating you differently, while hiding their true intentions.