Ecopetrol will develop a platform for intelligent water management

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Bogotá, 14 Mar Colombian state-owned oil company Ecopetrol and multinationals Accenture and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will develop a platform for intelligent water management, seeking to accelerate operational efficiency and sustainability across the energy industry. This was reported by the Colombian company, which explained on Monday in a statement that this “new solution” will be hosted on an open platform and will address the entire life cycle of water, ranging from access to treatment, through recycling and final disposal. The idea is that organizations achieve water neutrality and help meet the goal of net zero carbon emissions. “Our vision implies that the energy industry is leading technological solutions to achieve water neutrality. Collaboration is necessary to truly drive change because companies cannot solve environmental challenges alone,” said Ecopetrol President Felipe Bayón. He added that “this platform will be used to accelerate our sustainability strategy or T-ESG (technology, environment, social and governance), including our objectives to reduce 66% of freshwater captured and zero discharges to surface water by 2045, improving the environment of the communities where we operate.” In that regard, the smart water management solution will leverage Accenture's industry insights and the leading capabilities of the AWS cloud, among others. In the case of Ecopetrol, the company seeks to reduce its water footprint by providing a greater understanding of how to reduce the amount of fresh water it collects from local sources to improve its treatment. It also aims to reuse produced water and wastewater in refining, exploration and production processes.