John Petersson - IPC Presidential Candidate: A Champion for the Movement

IPC presidential candidate John Petersson tells why he should be chosen to lead the Paralympic Movement over the next four years.

I am writing to each of you because I believe that we have a very important decision coming up when we will vote for our next President this coming September. I believe that we need a leader who represents the entire Paralympic Movement and this election is a unique opportunity for a fresh start to highlight our cause.

To support the Movement’s aspiration of creating a more inclusive society for people with an impairment through para-sport, I will build on my experience as a sports person, businessman and Paralympic leader.

Sport means fun, health and passion. However, winning 15 Paralympic medals in swimming did not come easy. I have learned to work hard for success. My kids, even as they are grown up, are a permanent reminder to work hard, to support the youth every day and to ensure sport is accessible for everyone.

The Paralympic Movement has become more complex as it has become a global business. Throughout my career I have learned how to handle complex financial operations and how to lead people through a consultative and participative approach. Furthermore, as an advocate for the Movement, I have held a number of key positions since 2000. I have further built close relations to a broad variety of international decision-makers, ranging from the Olympic movement to the European Union and the United Nations.

As IPC President, I wish to use these experiences to further enhance the Movement’s focus on its key roles in both sport and society. I am committed to dedicating myself fully to ensuring that we achieve our goals and be a champion for all of you.

On-site at Para Athletics Championships

This week, I had the pleasure of attending the World Para Athletics Championships in London. The athletes were fantastic and it was an honour to present the medals in the Men's T35 200m and Women's T53 400 events.

Being back in the stadium where our most successful Games have taken place was inspiring, but also a reminder of where our Movement stands. The IPC has done well over the last years, but it is time to do more. More for our athletes, our sports and our member organisations.

With regards to our athletes, it is especially important to create better athlete pathways for the youth. We need to ensure that athletes from all over the world are able to participate in international major events such as the Para Athletics Championships.

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