Call for DOSB President's Removal

(ATR) An open letter, allegedly written by DOSB employees, says a "culture of fear" exists under president Alfons Hörmann.

(ATR) There was great excitement at the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) on Thursday morning.

In an open letter allegedly written by DOSB employees, internal events are described in detail and accusations are made against the management bodies and explicitly against DOSB President Alfons Hörmann. It also calls for Hörmann to be removed from office.

So far, there has only been a brief statement from the DOSB.

"We confirm the receipt of an anonymous mail sent from a fake mail account. Of the members of the Executive Board and the Presidium addressed in the addressee group, only some have received this anonymous letter. We will check the background."

The letter, signed "DOSB employees", says: "Respect and fair play are missed every day in our governing bodies, especially by our president Alfons Hörmann.

"Under his leadership, "a 'culture of fear' has established itself among the employees in the DOSB." The author(s) were therefore "afraid of having to reckon with consequences under labor law if our names were mentioned, perhaps even of losing our jobs."

The letter speaks of a "third of the employees of the DOSB" who had come together "in recent weeks and months.

"In the conversations, dozens of examples of behavior came up, which above all lack any form of respect and decency."

Female employees in particular had been "mentally and psychologically pushed beyond the limit," the statement continued. The accusation was also made that "pens and other objects" were thrown in the direction of the employees. "Because of such behavior, employees have resigned; others are undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment. It can't go on like this. It must not go on like this."

Hörmann, 60, has been president of the DOSB since December 2013. His second term ends in 2022. Before his time at the helm of the DOSB, Hörmann was president of the German Ski Association (DSV). AChristian Social Union politician, he was defeated in the runoff election for district administrator in Oberallgäu last year.

Apparel Unveiled for Tokyo

On Thursday afternoon, the focus was on the presentation of the Olympic apparel for Tokyo.

The look for Tokyo was presented on site in Düsseldorf by field hockey player Selin Oruz, para table tennis player Stephanie Grebe, para track and field athlete Johannes Floors and the coach of the U21 national soccer team, Stefan Kuntz. The event was moderated by former track cycling sprinter and Olympic champion Miriam Welte. With their outfits, they complemented the motifs that had been created in the run-up to the event during photo shoots in cooperation with adidas.

"While photographing the outfits, I finally felt how tangibly close the Tokyo Olympics are," rowing champion Oliver Zeidler said. "Wearing the outfits and spending a cool day with other athletes from different sports was super fun and put the hurdles of the last few months a bit in the background. My anticipation for Tokyo is now even greater!"

Hörmann believes the teams are well prepared for Tokyo.

"The athletes and coaches of Team D are - especially against the backdrop of the current pandemic - a model of commitment, motivation and dedication for all of us. Through the apparel of our partner adidas, this joint appearance can now be experienced and seen in a very tangible way. With this Tokyo design of the three stripes, our athletes are not only functionally well equipped for the Olympic Games, but also perfectly dressed," saidHörmann.

For German Disabled Sports Association (DBS) President Friedhelm Julius Beucher, the presentation of the clothing also has a symbolic character.

"After months of deprivation and uncertainty, today is a day of anticipation and pride. The clothing for Tokyo suits our athletes extraordinarily well and underlines their role model function, strength and willpower," he said.

The kit includes the podium, presentation and training clothing as well as the official equipment for the athletes' entry into the stadium. The entire team outfit is given a fresh, bright look thanks to a wide range of colors, different fabrics and transparent elements. In addition to classic black, red and gold, seasonal tones such as mint and bright yellow have been integrated. This allows the athletes to choose a less official and representative look.

The clothing is tailored to the climatic conditions in Tokyo. The HEAT.RDY and AEROREADY technologies used in the clothing keep the body cool in the heat thanks to the precise placement of ventilation zones. The materials wick sweat away from the body, supporting the natural cooling function. On their feet, athletes wear the latest innovations from the Franconian sporting goods manufacturer.

Homepage photo: DOSB

Written by Piet Kreuzer

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