The IFSC African Championships in Cape Town (RSA) — final competition of a diminished 2020 IFSC season — closed in great style, as South Africa’s 20-year-old Christopher Cosser snatched the Olympic quota place at the end of a neck-and-neck battle against his teammate Chris Naude.

After the two climbers took the top 2 positions in the Speed stage, Naude grabbed the lead with a strong Boulder performance — 2 tops, 3 zones — while Cosser only finished with 1 top and 2 zones. In the decisive Lead stage, Cosser climbed last, eventually topping the route and definitely moving in 1st position with 4.0 ranking points.

Daivd Naude — who participated in the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 — took Silver with 6.0; South Africa's Calrin Curtis finished in 3rd place with 24.0.

The final ranking of the men’s Combined at the 2020 IFSC Africa Championships in Cape Town is as follows:

Christopher Cosser (RSA) 4.0 ranking points

David Naude (RSA) 6.0

Calrin Curtis (RSA) 24.0

Oliver Marx (RSA) 48.0

James Barnes (RSA) 105.0

Tony Flynn (RSA) 150.0

Christopher Wallace (RSA) 294.0

Matthew Grunewald (RSA) 512.0

The field of Olympic qualified athletes in Sport Climbing now stands at 38 — 19 men and 19 women.

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