Hockey Olympians Lamoureux's Compelling Book One Month Away

When ice hockey greats Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson and Monique Lamoureux-Morando were preparing for the 2018 Olympics, in Pyeong Chang, South Korea, two priorities fueled their determination. They wanted to win the gold medal on the ice, and they wanted to achieve gender equity off the ice. In Dare to Make History: Chasing a Dream and Fighting for Equity (Radius Book Group), they share their story of reaching their goals.

The publication date of February 23, 2021 is one month away and the world is hungry for a story where women and men, girls and boys, can see the birth of new hope. Humanity is fighting a global pandemic, which has taken a greater toll on women and minorities than others. Economically, women have sacrificed their careers and are juggling competing responsibilities of work and home. In the midst of these troubles, the Lamoureux twins deliver the message that the next generation can make their dreams a reality and the world a better place.

From their earliest days skating with the boys’ teams in North Dakota, to their legendary careers that included six world championships, two silver Olympic medals, and the thrilling gold medal in 2018, the Lamoureux twins overcame adversity to ascend to the pinnacle of their sport. That adversity sparked in them a passion for equitable treatment of women’s ice hockey players, as well as women in general. They have become role models championing the dreams of future generations of girls in sports, education, and the workplace.

Jocelyne and Monique’s compelling story has already garnered national publicity commitments in February from the likes of NBC’s Today Show, attention from the New York Times, and MSNBC’s Morning Joe. March ushers in Women’s History month, an ideal opportunity to showcase the Lamoureux twins’ amazing story.

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