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(ATR) Olympic Broadcasting Services CEO Yiannis Exarchos talks with Ed Hula about Tokyo and Beijing preparations.


(ATR) Preparations for broadcasting the 2022 Winter Olympics are well underway.

In this edition of Around the RingsRadio Editor-In-Chief Ed Hula talks with Olympic Broadcasting Services CEO Yiannis Exarchos.

Last week, OBS held the latest World Broadcasters meeting in Beijing where Olympic rights holders met for the first time to talk about needs and expectations for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Beijing will host the Winter Olympics for the first time in three years, becoming the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Games. Organizers will use the legacy from the 2008 Summer Olympics, along with new technologies when broadcasting the Games.

"It looks very, very optimistic, first of all because of the level and quality of preparations for the Games of 2022 in Beijing which is already evident," Exarchos tellsATR. "We have our first World Broadcaster briefing...so that we gave the organizing committee a chance to present the concept of the Games, basic plans, the venues, and also ourselves on the OBS side to explain to them about how we are thinking about the Games, what will be new, and most importantly to listen to the broadcasters."

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